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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

With A Little Help

The trail from St. Ignace to here (I'm writing this from Taquamenon Falls State Park) has been beautiful but tough. The only way I made it through is because of good people like Stanley and Kay Kujawa. They spend a lot of time and money maintaining the Hiawatha Shore To Shore portion of the North Country Trail. They met me in St. Ignace and again at Rivermouth State Park. They gave me maps, food, information and genuine kindness when I really needed it. 

The Kujawas haul this trailer all over the UP. It has chain saws, mowers and all kinds of equipment necessary to clear and maintain the trail. 
Kay and Stanley Kujawa
I also got a helping hand from Bob and Pat McNamara.  They re-routed me around a portion of the trail that was flooded by a beaver dam. I would have been waist deep in a swamp (again!) if not for these good folks. 
Bob and Pat McNamara

I should be hitting Grand Marais within a few days and Marquette after that. I can't wait to go for a swim in Lake Superior!


  1. Chris I have been following your journey. I am from Ironwood and would like to know when you will be arriving. We would love to welcome you at the end of your amazing hike. We have lots of exciting things happening here at the Depot Park and Trailhead in Downtown Ironwood right on Wisconsin border. You can reach me at lagarske@gmail.com.
    Lee-Ann Garkse
    Downtown Ironwood Development Authority Member
    Depot Park Project Driver

  2. Dear Lee-Ann - Thank you for your post. I absolutely will contact you as I approach Ironwood. I would love to celebrate the end of my long hike with all of you. I'll be in touch! Chris