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Monday, June 10, 2013

Grand Marais

I just made it in to Grand Marais. Before I even got into town, I was greeted by Ed Bowen. He and his wife Karla put a lot of time into maintaining the North Country Trail up here. It was my pleasure to meet him. I'm also looking forward to meeting Tim Hass, the President of the Superior Shoreline Chapter of the North Country Chapter.

Big thanks to Bruce Matthews, Matt Rowbotham ans Jill DeCator at the North Country Trail Association headquarters in Lowell, MI.  They hooked me up with contacts along the trail and they sent  maps that I desperately needed to  Grand Marais. They really came through for me.

I stopped into the Sportsman's Restaurant here in town and found everything a hiker could ask for: power outlets to charge up the phone, a bathroom with a fancy flush toilet, a wi-fi signal, cold beer on tap and really friendly folks. Anyone passing through Grand Marais should stop here for a bite to eat. You'll be glad you did.

In contrast to Mackinaw, getting my resupply here was as smooth as silk. Like a handoff from a great quarterback (Martha Rogers) to a charging running back (me), when the plan works, it's a thing of beauty. My box was full of everything I need and just as important, nothing I didn't. I should be good to go until Marquette. Thanks Martha!

Now that pictures and blog posts have been sent, look for a few more updates over the next several days.


  1. Wolverine,

    When do you plan to make it to Marquette? You are more than welcome to shower, wash clothes, eat, and sleep at my Hikers B & B (Bed and Bath). Timing is looking good that you and Strider (Luke Jordan) may actually be in Marquette at the same time. That would be fantastic. I am trying to get media coverage, TV-6 and the Mining Journal for both of you, either individually, or maybe together. nct@northcountrytrail.org 906-226-6210 Looking forward to meeting you,

    1. Lorana - I should hit Marquette by next Monday (6/17). I will call you when I get there. Hope I get to meet Strider! I have a million questions for him. Chris

  2. Hi Wolverine, great to get an update from you. I am pleased you are still out there doing it. Keep it up!
    - Typo

    1. Hey Typo! Miss hiking with you, Brotha. You would love this part of the trail. The Lake Superior shoreline is beautiful and the people I meet are really cool. When are you hitting the trail again?

  3. Hi Wolverine,

    I just spoke to my son, Strider, tonight. He's thinking he should reach Marquette Monday or Tuesday of next week. If you are in Grand Marais today, you will probably reach Marquette before he does. Hope you two get a chance to meet up there or somewhere else on the trail.

    Good luck to you. Enjoy that beautiful trail.


    1. Dear Roxanne - That is great news. I've been following his blog and hearing about him from the folks at the NCT. I was hoping we would cross paths. I'll watch for him but please make sure he has my phone number 313-574-1007 in case I miss him.

      Thanks for posting Roxanne!