Wanna help me hike?

Friday, April 26, 2013

Martha here.  While Wolverine/Chris is on his Michigan hike, I will be helping to update this blog and keep the Facebook page Hiker Reupply going:

...and he's off!
The Belle Isle to Ironwood hike officially started this morning--April 26th at 6:54 am.  After a ride to Belle Isle Chris/Wolverine started hiking from the Conservatory and headed east on Jefferson and North on Connor, walking along the Conner Creek Greenway.
Another 930 or so miles to go!!!


  1. Excellent, I have been checking in looking for the trail reports to start. Very cool.

  2. Thanks for checking in, Anonymous! I'll keep everyone updated.

  3. Greetings, Chris! We included a link to this site in the May Fold Newsletter, and I also included it in the notification I emailed to everyone, letting them know the Fold was up on our website! Double-barreled, so to speak! We once again lifted you up in prayer Sunday morning, and again at Oakwood Commons, where I do the outreach worship service! Everyone is so excited! We all wish you a wonderful, exciting and, mostly, safe journey! (a little danger to add to your excitement, but nothing life-threatening!) Looking forward to checking out your progress daily, at this location!

    1. To Marti, Pastor Kathy and all my friends at Good Shepherd UMC - Thank you so much for the prayers and well-wishes and for the travel bible. I'll think of you often on my journey. I can't promise 'daily' updates as battery power on my phone is a luxury I enjoy sparingly but I will keep in touch. Please know that I am doing well so far and that I plan to make it to Bay City by this weekend. I've met lots of cool people and seen all kinds of beauty already. I miss all of you and I REALLY miss Friday night all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinners!