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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The City of Warren

What a pleasure to meet with Bill Gambill from the Office of the Mayor today. I had planned on road walking straight up Van Dyke to get to the Clinton River Trail but Bill showed me some nice trails that run through Warren including the Red Run Trail. Hikers, in general, hate road walking. We would always rather walk on a path or trail of some sort.

Much of Warren is developed but they are very proud of their trails and parks and they work hard to promote conservation with their Going Green program.

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  1. Huge kudos to the city of Warren for their 'Going Green' endeavors. I, for one, always think of Warren as multi-lane busy streets, Tank Arsenal facilities and lots of paved parking lots.
    This paragraph from the 'Going Green" website belies a lot of those ideas:
    Warren Community Gardens:
    Mayor Fouts encouraged the creation of community gardens in Warren. Thank you to all that donated plants and time to create the first Warren Community Garden. Mayor Fouts also has a vision of butterfly waystations in Warren. For more information on establishing a monarch butterfly waystation in your backyard, please email Kelly Colegio at kcolegio4@aol.com. To learn more about the Warren Community Gardens, visit their Facebook Page.

    Community gardens are a great way of sharing healthy food and EVERYONE should have a butterfly waystation in their backyard.