Wanna help me hike?

Sunday, March 24, 2013


After being nominated by my housemate and Re-supply Coordinator, Martha Rogers, I am very proud to have been selected as a finalist for the Governor's Fitness Award under the category for Veteran of the Year. I've been invited to a legislative reception at the State Capitol in Lansing on April 25th. Later that same day, the winners will be announced at a gala reception at Ford Field in Detroit. I was even filmed and interviewed by Lila Lazerus and her crew. I've been watching her on TV for years and her she was in my living room!

This year, they added a category for the 'People's Choice'. You can watch videos of all the finalists here. Check them out and vote for your favorite. Wish me luck!


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    1. Thanks, Bri! Just got a spot as a guest blogger for Pure Michigan! Check it out: http://www.michigan.org/blog/outdoors/hiking-924-miles-of-michigan/

  2. It was an honor to nominate you. You've got this!